Requesting a Room
Requesting A Room

Requirements for staying in a Ronald McDonald House:

Families of children who are 21 years of age or younger.
Families whose home residence is outside a 30 mile radius of Wichita.
The child must be receiving medical care at a Wichita hospital or outpatient facility.

To stay at either House, a person must have attained eighteen (18) years of age, or if under eighteen (18) years of age, must:
    1.   have been legally emancipated
    2.   be accompanied by a person who has attained 18 years of age who is the 
          person’s  (a) spouse,  (b) parent or natural guardian, or (c) legal guardian, or
    3.  subject to the approval and discretion of RMHC Wichita, be accompanied 
          by a person w
ho has attained 18 years of age who has been approved and 
by a person described in paragraphs 2(b) or (c).

Please note that Home health agencies, therapists, medical personnel administering IV antibiotics, chemotherapy, other IV medications or non-emergency medical procedures are not allowed in the Ronald McDonald House.   This policy does not interfere with House guests self-administering oral or subcutaneous medications (such as insulin), following proper training in another setting.

Because there will frequently be people staying at the House whose resistance to infection is low, requirements for good hygiene and infection control will be strictly enforced.  Persons with colds or who have been exposed to other infectious diseases before or during their stay at the House will not be allowed to stay.

All patients receiving treatment, or patients (including new mothers) recently dismissed from the hospital and staying in the House must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  Mothers of new babies must have someone with them until such time the new mother and House Manager agree the new mother can take responsibility for herself.

Families must be referred to stay at Ronald McDonald House by a hospital social worker, designated nurse clinician, or doctor's office personnel.  These hospital personnel will be urged to maintain contact with their families and have knowledge of the medical development of the child/children. They are also expected to work with Ronald McDonald House during each family’s stay should any problems arise in regard to rule infractions. The Wichita Ronald McDonald House admissions criteria and House rules are determined by RMHC Wichita's Board of Directors.