Season of Giving Family- The Kroupas

The Kroupa Family Story

When Kale and Mary went to their 19-week sonogram, they never expected the tragic news that their baby girl had a rare and serious congenital heart defect. For the next several months, Mary was in and out of doctors' offices eight or nine times a week. Less than 24 hours after birth, Grace was airlifted 3 hours away to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

In her new hospital bed, Grace's survival as a newborn depended much on the support of her family. While Mary rarely left Grace's NICU bed, Mary's mom and Kale made the three-hour drive twice a week to give love and emotional support to Mary and baby Grace. The Ronald McDonald House was their family's reprieve where they exhaustedly reunited every week.

 "The hospitality of the Ronald McDonald House helped our family to create wonderful memories out of a very difficult time in our lives."

For the two years following, the Ronald McDonald House was a home-away-from-home for their family. It enabled them to stay together during the chaos of Grace's hospital stays. After recuperating from a successful emergency heart surgery on November 1, 2013, Grace got to go home!

Families depend on temporary housing and respite services which are provided though our two Ronald McDonald Houses and our Ronald McDonald family room. We are able to help families find strength, stability and vital resources so they can focus on what's important -- their child.

Thank you for helping kids like Grace have their families near when they need them the most. Please give the gift of togetherness to help provide families a "Home away from Home."